The Characters


 Jerry Somerset · 35

Jerry is a married man of dedication and heart. He is a respected Kentucky Police Officer in his mid thirties, patiently working his way up, while supporting a pregnant wife and younger stepbrother. His world is defined by service to his family and community. Ever since his father died, he’s protected his Ma with recognizable sincerity, and acceptance. He is not a man to dwell on things that can’t be fixed. And it’s precisely this attitude; belief in forward motion and hard work, distinguishes our unpretentious hero and makes him attractive to all.

Big Dan · 60

His reputation precedes him. Known by all in the community as someone that is “charitable” and “involved”, Big Dan systematically perpetuates activities that are ways and means to further extend his reach. He is a man who reads Machiavelli’s The Prince for fun. He understands that it is far more useful to be feared than to be loved, and his interest is ultimately himself. Self-preservation is the G-d Big Dan prays to in private. But his tyranny is well disguised and in many ways he’s like a fairy godmother. Right now, he’s interested in getting his son elected as Mayor, and finding an appropriate replacement for County Sheriff. He’s chosen Jerry.

Little Dan · 35

When your father has made life simpler, and things come your way easy, do you notice and feign humble gratitude, or do you pretend to be ignorant of the privilege you enjoy? These are the inner complexities of Little Dan’s life. He is Jerry’s partner and County Sheriff. And while he is good at his job, and he’s a good partner to Jerry, he goes home to a different reality. He’s on the inside, well connected, and one step ahead. He wants to take all the credit, and he often does. But deep down he knows it’s often also a lie.

Andrew · 25

Andrew is a good soul. He may have made some mistakes, and misdemeanors, and fallen into drugs, but he’s trying his best to get on the path towards something good. He is misunderstood and lonely. His Ma is so much older than his friends, and his father is a drunk and slightly abusive. The only person he looks up to in the entire world is his older brother, Jerry. The only person he’s ever listened to and wants to impress is Jerry. Jerry is old enough to be a father figure to him, but he’s young in spirit and provides Andrew with a brotherly love and affection. Andrew cherishes his attention. It must be difficult for him to share Jerry with his job and his new wife. Rather than confront the feelings of neglect, Andrew crawls deeper inside himself, and the little time they have together grows more and more precious.

Susie Somerset · 28

Jerry’s wife, Susie is seven months pregnant, and her life now is all about her baby. Susie is a very supportive wife, but she’s definitely tired of living in a trailer park, and when Big Dan Calhoun offers them a big house virtually rent-free, she expects Jerry to jump at the offer. Susie is in nest-building mode, and she has no time for Jerry’s pious objection to being caught forever in Big Dan’s bag of tricks.

Jennifer · 30

A recovering addict (maybe not recovering very quickly), Jennifer has pale skin and darkened eyes, but all her features are beautiful. Jerry’s ex-lover, Jennifer is a single mom whose son has been taken away by Child Protective Services, and she wants him back, badly. Aware that Jerry is happily married, she would like him back in her life as well, only he won’t do anything to wreck his marriage. But Jerry uses her as an informer on the rough underbelly of town, until she deliberately feeds him false information.